With your help, engineering students build solar car

Six students are dipping in to some futuristic technology every week as they build a remote control vehicle powered by solar cells in Mr. Thornton’s Engineering Club.

If you like seeing students working with hands-on engineering activities and solving real-world problems, support their next project by using Ecomark Solar, the company that is sponsoring Mr. Thornton’s solar car.

If you’re in the market for a solar system, tell Ecomark you were referred by Northfield High School. You will receive a $500 discount, and NHS will receive $300 toward its Engineering Program.  It’s a win-win!


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RTD bus route will serve Northfield students

An RTD bus route will now serve Northfield High School students.

Route 62 will also serve Commerce City and offer another connection for Stapleton area residents at RTD’s Central Park (Rail) Station.

The bus service runs every 30 minutes Mon.-Fri. between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and on Saturdays hourly between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. RTD will also add service on certain dates to coincide with events at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  The one-way cash fare is $2.60 or $1.30 for eligible students, seniors and riders with disabilities.

Below is the full list of Northbound and Southbound stops.


Central Park Station (Gate B3)  (A-Line Commuter Rail)

Central Park Blvd & 46th Pl

Central Park Blvd & Northfield Blvd (proposed in future)

Central Park Blvd & 54th Ave  (Northfield HS)

Prairie Pkwy & Dicks Sporting Goods Park (coming soon!)

Trenton St & 60th Ave (City Hall) (coming soon!)

60th Ave & Quebec

60th Ave & Monaco

60th Ave & Kearney

Holly St & 60th Ave

62nd Ave & Holly (Boys/Girls Club)

Parkway Dr – #4800 Block (King Soopers)

60th Ave & Dahlia St – (Eb Gate) (Walmart)



60th Ave & Dahlia – (Eb Gate) (Walmart)

60th Ave & Glencoe

60th Ave & Hudson

60th Ave & Holly

60th Ave & Kearney

60th Ave & Monaco

60th Ave & Quebec

Trenton St & 60th Ave (City Hall)  (coming soon!)

Prairie Pkwy & Dicks Sporting Goods Park (coming soon!)

Central Park Blvd & 54th Ave  (Northfield HS)

Central Park Blvd & Northfield Blvd (sb only at this time)

Central Park Blvd & 46th Pl

Central Park Station (Gate B3)  (A-Line Commuter Rail)


The new route is being funded by a special 3-year ‘trial service’ grant awarded by the City of Commerce City.  Full details can be found on the Route #62 timetable at www.rtd-denver.com

***The red line shows a temporary deviation expected to operate through February while RTD waits for Central Park Boulevard North of 56th to be opened.

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NHS featured in UnitedHealthcare and Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation video

The Team8 Tour traveled to Denver, Colorado to complete its eighth and final stop on the nation-wide campaign which aims to help young people choose healthy lifestyles. Thanks to UnitedHealthcare funding and volunteerism support, UHC volunteers, students, and community members joined forces at Northfield High School for facility renovation, food preparation, and fitness activities—bringing to life the Team8 Tour’s mission to build healthy communities

Watch the video on YouTube

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Opening on the CSC Committee for a 10th grade parent

The CSC committee purpose is to focus on the Unified Improvement Plan as its primary responsibility at the school based level, on the “Multiple Measures.” These are district-established indicators of individual school performance and data in the following areas:  attendance, graduation-rate, school leadership, instructional quality, student respect, school safety, and other measures such as the School Performance Framework.

In particular the CSC will work to provide guidance, evaluation, and recommendations regarding staffing allocations as it relates to the UIP, school budget, innovation plan and school program design, including consultation regarding adjustments that may be made due to pupil-count issues:

  • to enhance student achievement and school climate by engaging the school community in collaborative efforts, supporting the school and district’s goals,
  • to provide strategic direction in support of the school’s mission and vision as stated in the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP).  The UIP with the school’s program design, should serve as the strategic plan for the school, in accordance with the innovation plan,
  • to be in compliance with state and federal law, regulations of the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), applicable U.S. District Court orders, the District Affirmative Action plan, the DPS/DCTA Agreement, other contracts and District mandates, in accordance with the innovation plan,
  • to use evaluation tools and systems using a variety of longitudinal measures or the School Performance Framework to determine student achievement, overall organizational strength, school’s accreditation ratings for reporting to the CDE,providing input and feedback on the principal’s involvement in and support of the CSC.

If you are a 10th grade parent and would like to be a member on the CSC committee, please complete the nomination form and email or return it to marie_bencomo@dpsk12.org

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Paul Sandoval Campus update

DPS Board members voted Thursday night to approve the placement of DSST: Conservatory Green High School on the Paul Sandoval Campus beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. In addition, the Board also approved a separate resolution affirming support for Northfield High School. The resolution, presented by board member Rachele Espiritu, who represents Stapleton, includes the following commitments:

  • DPS will provide the staff time and funding required for Northfield High School’s application to be certified as an International Baccalaureate school.
  • Every single student in the Near Northeast High School Enrollment boundary who wants to enroll at Northfield High School is guaranteed a seat at Northfield now and in the future.
  • Denver Public Schools commits to working with Northfield High School to create a library meeting IB Diploma Program authorization standards no later than fall 2018.
  • Denver Public Schools will fund and construct additional classroom or office space in the renovation of the former temporary cafeteria located in the gym building by fall 2018.
  • Denver Public Schools will fund and construct a full service cafeteria to serve all students on the Sandoval Campus by fall 2018.

We are pleased with the resolution and will continue to work closely with district personnel on these commitments. We want to thank our community for all the support they have provided our students, teachers and school leaders.

View the Northfield resolution at http://www.boarddocs.com/co/dpsk12/Board.nsf/files/AGNUUZ79A3CE/$file/FINAL%20NHS%20Resolution_12%2015%2016%20305p.pdf

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End of 1st Semester information, testing & tutoring schedule

The first semester of 2016-2017 school year is quickly approaching. It is important that your student is checking their student portal to ensure that they are completing assignments. Ensure your student checks with his/her teacher for the last day to turn in assignments.

Semester finals will occur on December 19th, 20th and 21st.  Each of these days will be early release days, see schedule below. No additional testing dates will be available for make-ups.

If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher or the Student Support Coordinator.

Semester 1 Finals Testing Schedule:

December 19
Period 1- 7:45-9:14
Period 2- 9:20-10:49
Period 3- 10:55-12:24
Lunch – 12;30-1:15
Dismissal – 1:15

December 20
Period 4- 7:45-9:14
Period 5- 9:20-10:49
Lunch – 10:55-11:40
Dismissal – 11:45

December 21
Period 6- 7:45-9:14
Period 7- 9:20-10:49
Lunch – 10:55-11:40
Dismissal – 11:45

Teacher tutoring opportunities for students

To support our students, teachers provide tutoring opportunities
on a regular basis. Please see below for the tutoring opportunities for you student.

AP Human Geography
Tues, Wed, Thurs- after school until 3:45 pm

Roberts -Wednesday during lunch, Thursday after school
Sherman-Wednesday after school, Thursday during lunch
Hutchins- Every day during lunch

Tues. and Wed. after school and by appointment as needed.
Lunch by appointment

Tuesday and Thursday after schools from 2:50-3:50.

Mon, Wed, Fri during lunch and after school until 3:45

Tues, Thurs. during lunch

Every day during lunch
Wed, Thurs after school

Wed, Fri after school

Tues, Wed, Thurs after school

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