School Profile

Northfield High School

Main Office: (720) 423-8000

School Leaders

Amy Bringedahl, Principal
Polica Houston, Assistant Principal and Athletics Director
Courtney Wickham, Assistant Principal
Corey Carter, Assistant Principal/CareerConnect Pathways Director
Peter Wright, International Baccalaureate Coordinator
Ezekiel Ocansey, Dean of Students

Northfield High School is Denver’s newest high school, offering a progressive, challenging and exciting academic program. In addition to the core curriculum, the school offers a full array of electives, athletics, clubs and activities. All students participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program curriculum. We promote an inclusive school community that encourages student creativity, self-awareness, independence, and collaboration among students with different interests. Northfield High School opened in August 2015 with a freshman class and is growing by the addition of one grade each year.

Denver Public Schools is Colorado’s largest school district located in the capital city of the state, with 44 high schools and a total of 208 schools. The student body is culturally diverse, with a population that is 55 percent Latino, 23 percent white, 13 percent African American, 3 percent Asian and 4 percent other.


The academic program is organized on a rotating block schedule. Students attend four block classes Monday-Thursday and all eight, 47-minute classes on Friday.

IB & AP Courses offered at Northfield

IB Language A: Language and Literature I & II (SL) & (HL)
IB History of the Americas I & II (HL)
IB Business & Manag. I & II (SL)
IB Spanish Ab Initio
IB Spanish (SL) & (HL)
IB French (SL) & (HL)
IB Mandarin Chinese (SL) & (HL)
IB Biology (SL) & (HL)
IB Chemistry (SL) & (HL)
IB Physics (SL)
IB Envi. Systems and Societies I & II (SL)
IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science I & II (SL)
IB Design Technology I & II (SL)
IB Computer Science (SL) & (HL)
IB Math Studies I & II (SL)
IB Mathematics I & II (SL) & (HL)
IB Visual Arts I & II (SL/HL)
Theory of Knowledge
Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) (self-directed with CAS Coordinator)
Extended Essay (self-directed with mentor teacher)



5500 Central Park Blvd | Denver, CO 80238