Archery Club: To bring an Olympic style sport to the campus of Northfield and to encourage the participation in an ancient and global skill.
When: Students will be contacted and updated when a time is established.
Faculty Advisor: Connor Berry,

Art Club: Art Club provides space, materials, and extra time to create art in an environment that fosters support, constructive critique, and fun.
When: Fridays, 3:15 – 5:00pm
Faculty Advisor: Ian Judd,

Crafters for Peace: Where students come together and create items of their choice. Once the item is complete the members have the option of donating their creation to their community!
When: Mondays after school in room 207
Faculty Advisor:  Tony Lucero,

Chess Club: Students gather to play chess, use new strategies and techniques and enjoy each other’s company.
When: Tuesday/Thursday at Lunch Room 206 and After School, Friday at Lunch.
Faculty Advisor: Steven Hathorn,

The Daily Nighthawk Media Club: To help students not enrolled in Journalism elective pitch, craft and publish content for
When: Tuesdays at 3:30pm in room 223
Faculty Advisor: Travis Lambert,

Drama Club: To enhance theatre skills and learn the art of drama.
When: Thursday Mornings in Room 108
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Hill,

Fashion Club:  Make and design apparel, sew and design fashion items and enjoy each other’s company while learning fashion.
When: Mondays at lunch
Faculty Advisor: Ian Judd,

GSA: Creates and promotes an inclusive and accepting learning environment for all students.
When: Wednesdays at Lunch room 223
Faculty Advisor: Sierra Dawkins,

HOSA: An opportunity for students to gain experience in and around the health care field. We will compete in competitions moving forward as HOSA grows. It is a great supplement to the Bio-Med pathway.
When:  Thursdays during lunch in room 115.
Faculty Advisor: Angela Cannava, Kyle Murray,

Hawaiian Hula Dancing Club: Teaching a style of hula dancing, also sharing a talent from a different culture to those that maybe interested.
When:  Monday and Wednesdays at 3:20-3:50pm in room 141
Faculty Advisor: Courtney Wickham,

History Club: To help students pursue a historical interest, with the goal of competing locally in the National History Day competition.
When: Meetings are bi-weekly.
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Kenkel,

IB Students of Diversity: Connects with the IB Diploma Programme
When: Invite only
Faculty Advisor: Peter Wright,

Knit Wits: To enjoy each other’s company while knitting together
When: Every Wednesday at 3:30-4:15pm
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Kenkel,

Mock Trial: teams are composed of 6–12 students who perform a case for the Prosecution/Plaintiff and/or the Defense. In most cases, an actual Colorado judge or magistrate presides over the trial round while attorneys, paralegals and community members adjudicate the student performances. In any mock trial round, three students serve as attorneys to argue their side of the case, and three students serve as witnesses for direct and cross-examinations.
When: TBD
Faculty Advisor: Peter Wright,

Mu Alpha Theta: Math interests
When: TBD
Faculty Advisor: Dan Roberts,

Photography Club: To learn new photography techniques and to enjoy different aspects of photography.
When: Tuesdays at Lunch
Faculty Advisor: Will Kocher,

Solar Rollers: To help students learn how to design and test a solar powered car to show the power of renewable energy as well as a practical example of engineering.
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays at Lunch
Faculty Advisor: Patrick Thorton,

Sources of Strength:  To provide the highest quality evidence-based prevention for suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse by training, supporting, and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their world through the power of connection, hope, help and strength.
When: TBD
Faculty Advisor: Dina Zainy,

Tea and Walking Around Club: Have tea and walk around campus while enjoying each other’s company.
When: Fridays at 3:30 in front of Building 2
Faculty Advisor:  Steven Hathorn,