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College Success Studies of IB Diploma Program Students

The following research articles provide in-depth evaluations of the impact of the IB Diploma Program on a student’s level of college preparation and his or her ability to successfully enroll and succeed in high-quality college institutions by exhibiting the persistence, work habits, organization, and thoughtful analysis and creative output required to excel in their chosen field of study.

  • “Findings indicate that students who are in the DP are more likely to enroll in college, more likely to enroll in a more selective college and more likely to stay enrolled, compared to matched non-IB students. When controlling for college characteristics, analysis suggests that IB students are both going to better colleges at higher rates and performing better once there. Overall, the DP students interviewed generally felt that they were academically well-prepared to engage and succeed in college coursework, and described strong analytical writing and math preparation, motivation, work habits, organization and time management as strengths.”
    Read full article here.
  • “IB students in the UC system tend to perform better than a matched comparison group and students overall, and that performance in the IB programme in high school significantly predicts achievement in college.” Read full article here.
  • “When compared with former AP students, IB students were significantly more likely to indicate that they: felt prepared for college-level coursework involving research; had executed a research project at UVA; were proud of their research; intended to conduct future research; and found their research skills to be important to future success…Finally, findings showed a statistically significant relationship between EE [Extended Essay] score and college grade point averages (GPAs), after controlling for background characteristics.” Read full article here.
  • “…former DP students were more likely to persist and to complete college” Read full article here.
  • “At each institution comprised in this sample, the graduation rate of DP candidates was consistently higher than the institutional rate.” Read full article here.
  • “Overall, 81% of IB students graduated within 6 years of enrolling full-time at a 4-year institution, compared to the national average of 57%.” Read full article here.