New Study Period/Study Hall Requirements

For the 2018-2019 school year, NHS has implemented an 8 period day.  Students in 9th and 10th grade must have a minimum of 7 courses and students in 11th and 12th grade must have a minimum of 6 courses.

Students who do not take 8 courses will have a Study Period or Study Hall.

  • Students in 10th – 12th grade will have off-campus privileges during the Study Period. However, students in 10th grade may elect to take a Study Period/Study Hall.
  • Students in 9th grade must report to the designated study hall.

10th – 12th Grade Off Campus Privileges will be revoked if:

  • A student receives a D/F in any course on the Six Week Progress Reports
  • Attendance falls below 93%
  • Record of Behavior/Discipline Incident that results in removal from the classroom and/or school

During the Study Period/Hall, students may work independently or receive academic help from the assigned supervisor.

9th grade Study Period/Hall – Off Campus Permission

While NHS requires all 9th grade students to be on campus for the Study Hall, we do recognize that there may be a circumstance where a student will need to be off campus for the period that begins the day or ends the day (study period 1 or 7 on Navy days, study period 2 or 8 on Gold days, period 1 or 8 on Stripe days).  An example may include private tutoring or private music lessons.  Sleeping in or studying from home is not a reason for students to not be at school, in their Study Hall.  Students who do not attend Study Period/Hall will be marked truant and appropriate consequences will be applied.

Parent Permission and supporting documentation of the activity is required for 9th grade students to be off campus.  Parents must set up a meeting with the 9th grade Assistant Principal, Ms. Wickham, at in order to receive approval for a student to be off campus.