Northfield football coach steps down to focus on math leadership

nhs_staff15From our math teacher and football coach Mr. Hutchins:

Nighthawk Family:

It is bittersweet that I announce that I will not be returning as the Head Football Coach for Northfield Football next year. Through the district and Principal Bringedahl, I have been presented with an opportunity to assume a leadership role in the Math Department at Northfield. After speaking with my wife, former coaches, and those influential in my life, I believe that it is in my heart to place students first through the vein of curriculum and instruction.

I am grateful for the bonds that I have developed with players and the unconditional support that I have received from Northfield parents and the community. I have every belief that the new coach will continue to build on the solid foundation that was established this year. As far as practice time is concerned, Coach Berry, Coach Ragsdale and I will continue to provide structured practice time until the new coach is announced.

I appreciate the opportunity to coach a fine group of young men and I look forward to continuing to be a force in the lives of all young people at Northfield High School, and taking my wife and son to the games next year.

Respectfully Yours,

James Hutchins