Northfield High School Ratings

Recently, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and Denver Public Schools (DPS) provided ratings for schools in the state and district, respectively. These organizations provide ratings annually to indicate how well schools are meeting academic performance and growth targets.

DPS has rated Northfield as “SPF-Yellow” on its School Performance Framework (SPF), meaning that our school is “accredited – on watch” academically. Within the DPS rating scale, schools must get between 50.5-79.49% of possible points to achieve “SPF-Green” status.  Northfield was 49.7%, the highest of all comprehensive high schools in the city. In fact, no comprehensive high school in Denver received a rating of “SPF-Green” this year; all were ranked “SPF-Yellow” or lower this year.

The SPF is a complex and constantly evolving indicator that heavily weights student growth on standardized tests as well as gaps in growth and performance on standardized tests between student demographic groups.

The CDE has given Northfield a rating of “Performance,” (preliminary result) indicating that we are meeting or exceeding state goals for achievement and growth. The CDE indicator is primarily based on student growth on state level assessments. “Performance” is the highest rating that the CDE gives to schools.

Northfield will continue to offer progressive and challenging academic opportunities for all students with a focus on collaborative and global learning.  All NHS students will graduate college and/or career ready and prepared to be fully informed, principled, and engaged citizens.