Seniors and senior parents: Mandatory meetings in September

Seniors and Senior Parents,
As your student begins their senior year, counselors will meet with seniors and parent(s) to look at their senior schedule and plan for the college application process and post-secondary options. These meetings will be 30 minutes in length and take place on selected days in September. Senior year is exciting and challenging – so we want to make sure your student is set up for success!
If we don’t see your name for a date by September 1, we will reach out to you personally to set a time.
In this meeting, we will discuss:
1)  Courses your child needs to graduate from NHS
2)  Other district requirements for graduation
3)  Future plans including college applications, gap year options, potential career goals and majors, and opportunities to help them reach those goals
4)  Any other concerns or questions
Seniors need to bring or be ready with the following: 
1)  A list of colleges or programs your student plans on applying to in the fall
2)  Write down any questions you have before you come – so we make sure to get them answered
If a parent is unable to attend in person, we would like to have the student in the counselor’s office and the parent on speaker phone.
Please make sure, when signing up for a time, that you will be available by phone if not available in person.
We look forward to meeting with you, and working with your child throughout senior year!
Please use the following links to set up an appointment for your senior’s meeting:
Northfield Counselors 
Julie DeGuire – last names A – G: Sign up HERE
Jared Lewis – last names H – O: Sign up HERE
Ashley Odekirk – last names P – Z: Sign up HERE