Strike Plans for February 11, 2019

As we prepare for the teacher strike on Monday, February 11 here is what you can expect if you decide to send your student to school tomorrow:

  • School Hours: Northfield school day will run from 8:15-3:15.  All students will report to their first period class for attendance and a review of expectations. The students will then transition to an all-student assembly in the cafetorium or the Gym from 8:30-8:50 for an orientation. All students attending school tomorrow must report at 8:15 am, even if they would normally have an off-period at that time. Due to our alternative schedule on Monday, February 11, there will be no off periods for students who normally have those.
  • Instruction:  Most students will rotate through four sessions during the course of the day.  CU Succeeds classes will take place. Session 1: Students will work on Naviance/ICAP session to update profile and goals as well as to explore post-secondary readiness; Session 2: Documentary based station where students will critically view an acclaimed Documentary that connects to our school vision and mission of IB; Session 3: Structured time for PSAT preparedness for 9th and 10th grade and 11th and 12th grade will work on their IB Internal Assessment and feedback along with a deep dive into the IB Learner Profiles and how to embody those profiles at Northfield. Session 4: Exploring our voice through Slam Poetry with featured presenter Andre Hakeem, a poet who represents the nationally acclaimed Slam Nuba and also has helped organize the non-profit youth organization called the Apprentice of Peace.
  • Arrivals and Departure: All students must enter and exit through the main lobby of building 2.
  • Attendance: If you wish to excuse your child from school, you must notify the school via phone (720-423-8001) or email (, or the absence will be unexcused. Daily attendance will be taken and a call will be made home to notify the parent/guardian. If a student leaves the building before the end of the day s/he/she must check-out in the main lobby. Students may not come back to school if they check out for the day.
  • Senior Attendance: Students’ graduation ceremony participation will not be negatively impacted by attendance during the strike.
  • Safety: All Northfield safety protocols and school rules will be in place during the strike. All students must carry their school ID. Our DPD School Resource Officer and DPS Campus Security will be onsite to ensure a safe learning environment. The picket line could cause congestion, so please plan your pick-up and drop-off timing and location with this in mind.
  • Food Service: Northfield’s cafeteria will be open and breakfast and lunch will be served as normal.
  • Transportation: DPS transportation services will run according to schedule.
  • Athletics: All athletics will go on as scheduled. Per CHSAA regulations, student attendance at school is required to participate in practices and/or games. At the end of the day student athletes should report to the gym.
  • Clubs and After School Activtities: All clubs and after school activities (except athletics) are cancelled until the end of the strike.

Should the teacher strike continue into Tuesday, February 12, we will send out an updated schedule by 5 pm on Monday evening.  If you have any questions please continue to check our website or reach out to our main office at 720-423-8000.