Strike Plans for February 12, 2019

Dear Northfield Families –

We anticipate that the teachers’ strike will continue tomorrow, February 12, 2019. We felt fortunate today that our students were respectful and thoughtful and that our remaining staff were prepared to manage the needs of our students. It was not a traditional learning day, but many students took advantage of independent learning, ICAP/Naviance, IB Assessment and documentary film educational opportunities to remain engaged with their education.

For tomorrow, please review the following for information about how the day will proceed:

All students will report to Building 1 at 8:15 for attendance and daily orientation, followed by a session on College and Career Readiness.


  • The following teachers will run a regular class schedule – Mr. Szuster, Ms. Harper, Mr. Judd, Mr. Thornton, Mr. Espino, Mr. Rowe and Mr. Plowden. If your students normally have classes with them on Even/Gold days, they will continue their work in those classes.
  • All CU Succeeds courses will run as scheduled
  • Students not attending a class listed above will rotate between three sessions.
    • Session 1: Students will continue to work on Naviance/ICAP session to update profile and goals as well as to explore post-secondary readiness
    • Session 2: Documentary film-based station where students will critically view an acclaimed Documentary, on the Harlem Renaissance, with an IB Learner Profile focus on risk-takers and open-mindedness
    • Session 3: Structured time for PSAT preparedness with a focus on Math.
  • In addition all 11th and 12th grade students will work on their IB Internal Assessment and feedback or SAT prep. We encourage 11th and 12th grade students to attend the IB Internal Assessment programs.

Athletics: Students participating in athletics must be in attendance for at least half the school day in order to participate in planned athletic events according to CHSAA rules.

Attendance: Due to the low attendance on Monday, we will initially mark all students as “absent” (excused) for Tuesday, February 12. We will take attendance at the beginning of the day and then re-code the attendance rosters to reflect actual student attendance.

All absences must be called in to the attendance line (720-423-8001) or, preferably, emailed to Student attendance – including seniors – will NOT be negatively affected by absences that are called in by parents as strike-related.

Thank you for your patience and support through this challenging time. We are hopeful that the district and the teachers can reach an accord soon.

-Principal Amy Bringedahl