Jermaine Jones
Administration, Student Services
Restorative Practice Coordinator

My calling is bigger than me, so at this appointed time I am a part of something to be great. Being on the front line of reshaping hearts, minds and expectations of our young commuting, having a chance to give our kids the chance for hope, happiness and reverence. Helping youth find their true identity by renewing their mind.

My name is Jermaine Jones and I am a Restorative Practice Coordinator here at Northfield. I have over twelve years of diverse experience giving both leadership and supporting services to both organizations and communities.

My diverse work history has given me the opportunity to develop the ability to relate to diverse groups of people and gain a solid understanding of community resources as well as development of social and emotional skills. I also gained valuable experience supporting and leading teams as well as the ability to relate to individuals from a variety of backgrounds through my volunteer work as a youth mentor and various outreach work. Through my years of experience working, I have developed a passion for training, coaching, and assisting youth in many different aspects of life. Furthermore, I am committed to continuous learning in order to provide excellent service to our students and their families.

I came to Northfield because this is my community and I love giving back what it has given to me, because of my commitment to integrity, compassion and developmental growth for individuals, I am excited to support the values that Northfield proudly holds.

Hobbies: Puzzles as well as learning and teaching but not in that order.