Julie DeGuire
Student Services
School Counselor (A-G)

I am a former teacher who began my career at a small school in Jeffco. I taught there for eight years and fell in love with supporting and inspiring students to believe in something, anything, but mostly themselves. My work there, in addition to having my first and only child, led me to school counseling where I am most comfortable and happy. I love what I do. Denver School of the Arts gave me the opportunity to get my feet wet as a social emotional counselor, but Northfield swooped me up as a school counselor since 2017.

NHS students make my day brighter – a diverse group of people who make me laugh, keep me on my feet, and warm my heart as they grapple with adolescence.

My son Bowie, 6-years-old, is my hobby. J He is full of sass, humor and energy. Being with him allows me to remain in the present moment. I recently have found joy in puzzles and meditation, and I’ve always enjoyed eating delicious meals with others, traveling, photography, and snow. I love winter.