Grading Policy Information

Northfield Virtual Learning Grading Policy

As we move into week four of remote learning, we wanted to provide some clarifications to the grading policy in effect at Northfield through May 22 (grades 9-11) or May 14 (grade 12). Please refer to our letter of April 17, 2020 for additional detail about our virtual learning grading policy.

This is a unique and challenging time that we are in and all of us are doing the best we can to navigate this uncharted territory.  As information comes out and the situation around us evolves, we have had to make shifts in our plan and clarify previously stated expectations in order to better meet the needs of our students.  As we communicated from the beginning, we start slow, ramp up, refine and define our practices.  We do the best we can with what we have and we do what we can to support each other and our students through this time.

The object of our clarification is to emphasize that, as previously communicated, students need to fully engage in online learning opportunities to preserve or maintain the letter grades they had previously earned as of April 6. Our teachers are actively working to create meaningful learning opportunities, and students are expected to take advantage of these assignments to further their education during this time.


What do students need to do moving forward from 4/27 to the end of the semester to keep or improve the grades they had as of April 6? 

As communicated on April 6, Students Must:

  • Fully participate each class through every week, as acknowledged by the student’s online presence and by the teacher of the course by doing the following:
    • Complete assigned assessments
    • Remain in contact with their teachers
    • Communicate with their with each teacher using Google Meet, phone, text, or E-Mail at least once per week
    • Engage in interactive groups and chats when assigned by the teacher, or communicate with teacher if unable to do so
    • Use Schoology and Infinite Campus to track their grades and progress and advocate for their success in each class.
  • If they are having any challenges with technology access, time management, or work or home priorities, students should communicate immediately with teachers, counselors, and/or administrative leadership.
  • Follow a code of conduct for online learning, as follows:
    • Use their name when they are in Google chats (cannot have social media handles).
    • Come to class appropriately dressed and in an appropriate upright seated place such as desk or or table–not the student’s bed. Be respectful of the teacher and other students in all online behavior

Grading Policy Clarifications:

  • Students who engage fully in Remote Learning, as defined in the first section above, will be graded on a “Hold-Harmless” policy, meaning that their grade cannot go down from that reported on April 6th. However, the grade can continue to improve with remote work being completed. 
  • Students who were satisfied with their grades reported on April 6th are still required to engage based upon the above student expectations. If a student does not engage, they will receive NO CREDIT for that class, even if they had a passing grade on April 6th

How can one qualify for the Credit/No-Credit Option?

    • Parents or guardians may request that a student earns credit/no-credit in extenuating circumstances.  The student and parent or guardians,  must be in communication with the teacher and School Counselor.  A student who This means that a student will receive the credit hours but will not receive the GPA points associated with the course.
    • Administrative leadership and Counselors will work with families experiencing challenging circumstances to make the decision to choose credit/no-credit by May 8th.
    • Students who are not engaging in a class will be automatically issued NO-CREDIT with teacher discretion.
    • Students should speak to a counselor about potential implications for this, including NCAA eligibility.



FAQs for Parents and Students

My student was getting a passing grade before April 6th. Are they guaranteed to pass and receive credit for their class?

No, they are not. According to DPS a student must continue to engage in learning from April 6 – May 22 (May 15 for Seniors). ‘Engagement’ means that a student continues to engage in learning opportunities created by teachers, complete assigned assessments, and remain in contact with their teachers on a weekly basis.

What percentage of assignments does my student need to submit in order to earn credit for the remote learning period?

Students must continue to engage in learning opportunities and complete all assignments to the best of their ability during this time. Students must be in contact with teachers and their School Counselor if they have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from submitting all assignments.  If a student has not completed work from April 6 – April 24, they can still continue to engage in class and submit all future assignments in order to earn a grade for the semester.

Can my student’s grade go down?

If a student continues to engage in the class on a weekly basis and turns in assignments then his or her April 6 grade will not go down. The student has an opportunity to improve the April 6 grade by turning in high-quality work over the remainder of the school year. During the last week of school the student’s April 6 grade and the cumulative grade at the end of remote learning will be compared and the higher of the two will be posted to transcript.

How do I submit a request for credit-only on the transcript instead of grades?

Administrative leadership in cooperation with the School Counseling team will share a Google request form link with families who are encountering extenuating circumstances. Such requests must be turned in on or before May 8th. It is also possible to get confirmation of this decision in another communication if a family is unable to submit Google form.

I see an “Incomplete” in the gradebook. What does that mean? Can my student still receive credit if they complete the work?

IF the ‘Incomplete’ in the gradebook is from April 6 or after then a student can still turn in the work. A student must communicate with his/her teacher that they are turning in incomplete/late work to ensure the teacher assesses it and updates the grade.

My student didn’t complete the first few weeks of remote learning. Do they need to go back and complete that work in order to receive credit?

If a student has not completed work from April 6 – April 24, they can still continue to engage in class and submit all future assignments in order to earn a grade for the semester.

Who do we contact if my student is having difficulties with their Chromebook, hotspot, or internet service?

Who should students or families contact if they are having challenges with time management or are struggling to work from home due to family or personal issues?

Will there be final exams this year?

There will be no final exams for  the 2019-2020 school year. However, individual classes may have a culminating assignment or project that students are required to complete. This is especially important in IB classes, as students are responsible for IA’s and further work towards their diploma.