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IB Essential Information


January 22, 2021 Update:

We have a new and comprehensive list of Northfield’s IB Course Offerings that can be helpful to IB DP and IB for All students alike. Please click here to see the updated NHS IB Course Offerings document. We have also updated our IB Course Sequencing document.


August 17, 2020 Update:

Good news! The IB Organization has recalculated IB scores from last year’s exams, which were determined to be unjustly low for students around the world. As a result, at Northfield High School, 58% of IB Diploma Students earned their IB Diploma (up from 30% for the class of 2019). Half of the students who earned their IB Diploma for the Class of 2020 are students of color. And in IB Language and Literature, the course all of our juniors and seniors take, 80% of students received a 4 or higher, the typical threshold for college credit.

We strongly encourage all students who completed IB courses last year to re-check their IB exam scores to see if they have changed. Even if you previously earned college credit for your IB exam scores, go ahead and check again, as some colleges award additional credit for higher scores.

IB will be informing colleges and universities of the updated grades, so for students heading to college, be sure to check with your academic advisor/registrar over the next few weeks to ensure the updated scores have been received and credit has been awarded accordingly.

To read more about their decision and its implications, please read this letter from our IB Coordinator, Peter Wright.


IB Coordinator Roles

Please this letter of August 2020 about the respective IB Coordinator roles of Mr. Wright and Mr. Stickrath during the 2020-21 school year.

Reflections on Class of 2019 IB and IB DP Results

Our very first class of IB Diploma Programme and IB course option students graduated in 2019. We’ve had results back from their tests and responses from some of them as they’ve begun their college journeys. To learn more see our document, IB Reflections.

Northfield High School, an IB Diploma Programme School

Northfield is one of the newest and fastest growing International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmes in the state of Colorado. Through rigorous coursework, independent research, and community service, our students develop the skills to understand the world as it is while also reimagining what it could be.

IB at NHS places a premium on both rigor and equity. All of our juniors take at least two IB classes, and students can choose to take the full Diploma Programme, which includes six classes, the extended essay, a Theory of Knowledge Course, and IB CAS (community service) program.

We are proud of our pioneering cohort of IB students, who began the program in the 2017-18 school year and will sit for their first exams in May 2018. Students meeting the requirements set out by the IB will receive their diplomas in 2019, before setting off to university programs and careers as lifelong learners. For more information about IB, visit International Baccalaureate.

Student Voices

Check out videos of some of our upperclassmen students, talking about the paths they chose in our IB program:

IB at Northfield – Details

  • Admissions Policy Northfield has open admission to the IB Diploma Programme. However, the full IB Diploma Programme is not for everyone. In order to be successful in the program, students should be able to demonstrate the following:
    • A record of academic success – this means enrolling in and succeeding in honors classes during 9th and 10th  grades
    • A growth mindset – IB is a challenging program. The ability to reflect on failure and grow from it is essential to success.
    • Independent research skills and a desire to learn independently
    • Strong attendance – at least 95 percent
    • Integrity and an aversion to harmful shortcuts
    • Determination to see a challenge through to its end
  • CAS: Read the CAS Handbook and visit the CAS webpage
  • IB Parent Association: The IBPA seeks to offset the cost of the IB Program to make it accessible to all students at NHS regardless of financial standing. The IBPA is a branch of the NHS Foundation, 501c3 nonprofit. Read more about the IB Parent Association.
  • Extended Essay Guide.
  • Policies: Northfield’s IB policies concerning Academic Honesty and Integrity, IB Language Policy Information, International Baccalaureate Assessment Policy and Special Needs Policy
  • IB in real life: Evidence of the success of the IB curriculum

The IB Diploma Programme . . .

  • Draws on content from educational cultures around the world
  • Requires study across a broad range of subjects
  • Gives special emphasis to learning languages
  • Focuses on developing the skills of learning
  • Provides opportunities for individual and collaborative planning and research
  • Encourages students to become responsible, active members of their communities

All of Northfield’s juniors and seniors have the opportunity to choose to pursue the IB Diploma or an IB Certificate.
IB Diploma Programme


Brent Stickrath
IB Coordinator

Peter Wright
IB Coordinator