Athletics Policies

General Expectations

From the day a student first participates in a Denver Public Schools/Northfield High School sponsored athletic or activity until that student graduates from high school, these rules are in effect throughout the school year, including weekend, vacations, and holidays and regardless if the student is on or off school district property. 

Students are representatives of themselves, fellow team members, coaches, sponsors, teachers, the school, its student body and the Denver Public Schools/Northfield High School. For these reasons, the participating student is expected to display the highest form of character, behavior and sportsmanship. If at any time, a student’s actions bring harm or discredit to the organization of which the student is a member or to the school, the student may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and/or removal from the team/group.

Each student will conduct himself/herself as a representative of Northfield High School and will uphold the high standards of the school. Students are responsible for picking up assignments in a timely fashion prior to any missed classes and for making up all assignments due to activity participation.

Use or possession of tobacco (smoking, chewing or snuff), use or possession of other harmful substances, or possession of narcotics or habit-forming drugs is forbidden.  A student who violates any of these policies will be subject to procedures put forth by CHSAA. 


All athletes must meet CHSAA and DPS eligibility requirements. 

  • Academic eligibility is determined by a weekly check of grades. Certification period of ineligibility will be from Monday through Saturday of each week. Eligibility will be determined by grades that are posted in Schoology at the end of the school day on Friday.
  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 classes to be eligible.
  • Students may not have more than 1 F. Students with just 1 F will be deemed ineligible until the single F is at a passing grade. 
  • Students with 2 F’s will be deemed ineligible for the week (Monday to Saturday). 
  • Student grades should be changed only if one of the following conditions is met: 
    • A teacher has made a mistake and submits paperwork via e-mail to the AD confirming their posted grade was inaccurate. 
    • If a student has an excused absence and makes up missed work within the school approved guidelines for submission of that make up work. 
  • Specific semester, recertification and weekly grade details and requirement are available in the Athletic Coordinators office. 
  • Athletes must attend a minimum of 50% of their academic schedule the day of a contest or the Friday before a Saturday contest unless otherwise excused by the principal or his/her designee.
  • Athletes failing to do so are ineligible until reinstated by the Athletic Director or his/her designee. Unexcused absences may also result loss of playing time.

Extracurricular Activities

Northfield High School offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for all students. Students are encouraged to join school clubs and activities. Getting involved in activities such as student council, clubs, volunteer and community organizations, fine arts, and athletics often translates to higher academic and personal success for students. Students must attend a minimum of 50% of their academic schedule the day of an activity or the Friday before a Saturday activity in order to be eligible to participate.

Activity Fees 

Activity fees are charged to all freshman, sophomore, and junior students at fall registration. These fees help cover the cost of class activities, class luncheons, dances, homecoming activities, instructional support programs, student travel, and reduced admission to certain school related events. Fee assistance is available upon qualification.

Clubs and Activities 

All school sponsored clubs and activities are under the direction of the Activities Coordinator.  School sponsored clubs usually meet after school or during lunch to organize their events. 

Every club must complete a club information form and have a faculty sponsor to operate. The club members usually determine, within certain parameters, the rules for membership, the frequency of meetings, and the activities to take place. Students interested in forming a new club must find a sponsor, and complete a club information form. The form is turned into the Activities Coordinator. Upon approval, the new club / activity group may begin operation. 

DPS Policy Information

For detailed descriptions of DPS policies regarding attendance, conduct, discipline, health-safety, and interscholastic activities please download the DPS Parent Handbook at:

Colorado Revised Statutes, 22-33-102, provides that school districts will establish policies for attendance.  The Denver Public Schools board policy JE directs that schools develop specific guidelines and policies around student attendance. Northfield aligns to district policies.