Back to School Night 2020

Northfield High School’s first-ever virtual Back to School Night will take place on September 15, 2020 beginning at 6pm. This event will occur completely in the virtual space, through a series of Zoom meetings.

The event will open with a presentation from our leadership team for the entire school. We will be sending the Zoom links to the meeting, via email to our school community. Please keep video and audio off during this presentation so that we have plenty of bandwidth to go around!

Following the large group presentation, you will then proceed to your student’s classes, in order from Period 1 to Period 8. Please use the Parent Portal to see a copy of your student’s schedule. If two teachers are listed, navigate to the class that corresponds with the first teacher’s name.

Each teacher will give an overview of their class and, as time allows, take questions from attendees. See below for schedule and information on Zoom and other important links or click here for a stand alone copy of the below document: