Family Communications

General Communications

Contact Melinda Pearson at 720.423.8016 or with any questions related to Northfield communications.

Appointment Requests

Parents who wish to make an appointment to see an administrator, counselor, or student support staff should contact the main office at 720-423-8000. If the meeting is regarding a class assignment or grade, then parents need to contact the teacher first to discuss the issue prior to contacting the Alpha administrator. Oftentimes administrators are not available, as they are in classroom observations or meetings on-site or out of the building. It is always best to set an appointment before arriving at the school. You may not be seen that day by an administrator without an appointment. Parents who want to make an appointment with the teacher will contact the teacher directly via email or phone call.  It is important that parents communicate with the teacher on any classroom concern prior to contacting administration.

Parent Portal

Parents and students can have immediate access to student records through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. In order to gain access the parent must sign up at  Attendance history, current class grades, health records, student schedules, and standardized test scores are all available through this portal. Northfield will also be utilizing the Schoology platform for real-time grades. Parents can create a Schoology account through the apps Section of Parent Portal. 

Parent Teacher Conferences 

School-wide parent teacher conferences will be scheduled in the Fall and in the Spring. If you would like to meet with the teacher prior to or after conferences, please contact the teacher directly to set up an appointment outside of the evening events. Contact information for all teachers can be found on the Northfield website.  

Northfield High School Classroom Visits

Parents may request to visit their student’s classroom through the school counselor or individual teacher.

Here are a few guidelines for parent classroom visits:
· Classroom visits should be arranged ahead of time.
· Classroom visits are limited to 20 minutes.
· The teacher will have a seat for you where you can sit quietly during your visit.
· Classroom visits are an opportunity for you to observe your child while allowing the teacher to continue the lesson.
· If you would like to speak to the teacher to discuss your visit, please see the front office and someone will assist you in setting up an appointment