Northfield Athletics

Nighthawks welcome to Northfield High School if you are interested in becoming a student-athlete there are a few things you will need to complete before you are able to practice, tryout and compete.

Sports Enrollment

Returning Nighthawks need to log into their FamilyID account, update their season, and pay fees. If returning student-athletes create a new account, your information will not follow with it (like your Physical) and you will not be cleared — so please ensure you are continuing to use the same account all four years of High School.

First-time Registering Nighthawks will need to create a NEW FamilyID profile and answer all of the emergency contact information, etc. You will also need to create a profile with PlanetHS. This PlanetHS account will follow you through your high school career. We apologize there is not an N/A option for medical questions, so please just answer no. If you need further assistance, please visit our Frequent Q&A section.

All Student-athletes need to provide a hard copy of their current physical every 365 days when they expire. That document must be uploaded to your students FamilyID profile.  Families can obtain a physical through their family doctor, wellness centers such as Walgreens, or a Denver Health School-Based Clinic

If families do not have access to the internet or need assistance in navigating the system they are welcome to stop by the athletics office at Northfield for help 720-423-8011 or call the FamilyID Help Line at 1-888-800-5583.

**If you are an athletic transfer student from another high school or you attend a high school that does not offer a sport that you are interested in participating at Northfield High School, you must contact and meet


Below are the mandatory fees for sports:

  • General Fee: $60.00/sport season
  • Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) Fee: $10.00/sport season
    • For this price to be applied to your student account the FRL application must be completed and the confirmation sent to John Calderwood at