Social Studies Department


The Social Studies Department at Northfield High School focuses on the ability of our students to be productive and positive members of the international community. Our teaching philosophy revolves around how to have our students critically examine the world and the questions this produces. We then challenge our students to solve those questions regardless of their complexity or difficulty. Inherent struggles from grappling with these issues fuels the brilliance and tenacity of our students. Our department sees leaders and icons amongst our Nighthawks and expect to see the fruits of their labor reflected in our society in the VERY near future.

Our Social Studies Department offers a variety of courses for our students. The goal of our classes is the examine the local and national histories of individual countries that build the foundation students will use in upper grades to evaluate the history on a more global and international scale. Government, politics, revolution, and geo-political conflict are but a sampling of the content we cover over the course of a student’s four years at Northfield High School. Currently we offer AP, IB, and Concurrent Enrollment opportunities for our students and are always looking for ways to help our students succeed.