Elizabeth Martin
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Business Teacher

My name is Elizabeth Martin and I am so excited to be your child’s Intro to Business teacher. I grew up in Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University in 1995. After college I began working as a corporate trainer and business analyst and have spent most of my career working in that capacity, either as an employee or consultant. I partnered closely with the IT and HR departments to design and develop courses that would benefit their employees, created the reference materials, delivered the training, and measured the effectiveness of it.

I have lived in the Central Park neighborhood since 2003. My husband and I have two large dogs, two larger teenage boys, and you will likely see us cheering on the various Northfield sporting teams. I love to read, and I travel as often as I can.

I’m so excited to be your child’s Intro to Business teacher and apply my real-world knowledge of business and companies to this course.