Henry Szuster
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CTE Instructor II

Born in Johnstone (just outside Glasgow), Scotland – my first job out of school (at the age of 16) was as an apprentice electrician in the Glasgow shipyards. However, my formative years (15 years, man & boy) were as a Technical Officer for British Telecom. I left BT in 1992 to go to Glasgow University where I studied Computer Science and then (after that late start) I finally left tertiary education in 2009 with my Postgraduate Degree in Education (in Biology & Computing). I moved to Colorado in 2011 from teaching Computer Science in Aberdeen, Scotland. I was a registered, through the General Teaching Council (Scotland), to teach Computer Science, Biology and General Science. My first full-time teaching position in Colorado was teaching Computer Science in DPS (Bruce Randolph HS) in 2012 and from there I went on to teach Computer Science at two other DPS High Schools (East & Abraham Lincoln) before arriving at Northfield HS in the fall of 2017.

At my first year at Northfield I taught Computer Science however in 2018, after almost ten years of teaching, I finally got my first Biology class to teach.

I have much interest in soccer – playing as much as I can (still!); coaching (from middle school to adults), refereeing (from middle school to adults) & watching Glasgow Celtic, Liverpool & Colorado Rapids (in that order of preference). I have ran marathons (4); played tennis & squash in my younger years however I will forever remain that lone Scotsman that dislikes golf (a.k.a. a waste of a good walk!). With the birth of Elsie, Eric & Gracie last year (2018), I finally saw the headcount of my grandchildren outstrip that of the headcount of my children; two more grandkids and I’ll have a full soccer team!

I would like to thank my students, colleagues & friends at Northfield for their continued sufferance of my jokes, their patience with my non-adapted accent and for the stellar opportunity to follow my dream of teaching Science into my dotage.