Visual Arts

We hold the philosophy that great work can be achieved with a mindset that is determined, adaptive, and attentive to the process of refinement. Creating visual art is a laborious process. Capturing the artistic process, reflecting on creative problem solving, and deconstructing finished products are the actions that define standards for Visual Arts at Northfield. The voice of the artist is the driving force within our department, so let your voice be heard!”

Our Arts Department at Northfield is thriving. Students at NHS have consistently competed and placed out other schools within and beyond Denver Public Schools at shows including the Annual District Citywide Exhibition, The Western Stock Show Art Fair, Youth Exhibits at MCA Denver, and many more.

Northfield offers a widely diverse selection of classes within our Arts Programming. Students are able to take classes in Drawing/Painting, Ceramics/Sculpture, Digital Design, Photography, Design (a class consisting of a combination of 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional media), and advanced courses such as A.P Studio Drawing, and International Baccalaureate Visual Art.


Dusty Harper

Alexandra Mamatas

Joshua Sucherman

Jessica Story