About Us

Northfield High School, Denver’s newest high school, offers a progressive, challenging and exciting academic program. In addition to the core curriculum, the school offers a full array of electives, athletics, clubs and activities. All students participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program curriculum. We promote an inclusive school community that encourages student creativity, self-awareness, independence, and collaboration among students with different interests. Northfield High School opened in August 2015 with a freshman class and is growing by addition of one grade each year.

We have a passionate and committed faculty and staff dedicated to the academic success of each and every student.  

As a school community we are committed to:

  • Inspiring all students to engage in meaningful learning and reach beyond their potential.
  • Providing every student with a strong academic foundation and mindset required to successfully complete the IB curriculum.
  • Ensuring that every student has the opportunity to earn college credit prior to graduation.
  • Encouraging students to question, create, communicate, problem solve, be open-minded, take risks, be reflective, collaborate with peers, and struggle productively to grow and learn.
  • Creating a community of respectful, compassionate, life-long learners


Northfield High School engages students in a rich and challenging academic program, empowering them to discover their own strengths and pursue areas of personal interest. Our teachers inspire students to become enthusiastic lifelong learners, creative problem solvers, and effective communicators. The focus on collaborative and global learning ensures that our graduates are prepared to be fully informed, principled, and engaged citizens of the world.

Why Northfield?

There are plenty of reasons that Northfield is a great choice for all students. Find out more: