Graduation Requirements

Denver Public Schools (DPS) Diploma

Grade Level Unit Requirements
Grade LevelRange of Units
9th Grade0 – 5.5 Units
10th Grade6.0 – 11.5 Units
11th Grade12.0 – 17.5 Units
12th Grade18 Units and Above

*24 Units overall are required for graduation along with specific graduation requirements.

Specific Graduation Requirements
DepartmentUnitsSpecific Department Requirements
English4 Units2.0 IB Lang/Lit 1 and 2
Social Studies3 Units1.0 USH & 0.5 Civics
Science3 Units2.0 Lab Science (E Sci/Bio/Chem/Phys)
Mathematics4 Units1.0 Alg 1 or Int. Math 1
PE1 Unit*1.0 PE or 2 Athletics Waivers Submitted/Approved
Fine Arts1 Unit
World Language2 Units**Class of 2024 need 1 Unit of World Language
Electives6 UnitsAny and all overflow from other departments will count toward the elective requirement.

Overall: 24 Units & 30 Hours Community Service & IB L/L + 1 more IB Course

Learn more about DPS Graduation Requirements.

Northfield graduation expectations match those required by DPS and include these additions:

International Baccalaureate® Diploma

Participation in Graduation Ceremony 

It is the students’ responsibility to monitor their progress toward graduation requirements. This can be done in the Parent/Student Portal using the On Track to Graduate tool. A student may only participate in the Northfield High School graduation ceremony if he/she has completed Northfield High School graduation requirements (see above), met DPS Competency requirements, and earned the minimum 24 unit hours, including all required courses. Students must also meet the Northfield requirement of being in good standing both academically and behaviorally. Students are urged to stay in close contact with their counselor for current progress status information.